Employee Payroll Advance FAQ:

What is Payroll Advance? Payroll Advance is a program that allows benefits-eligible IU employees the option to have purchases made with their CrimsonCard deducted directly from their paycheck. A limit of $75 per cycle is given to biweekly paid employees and $150 is given to monthly paid employees.

How does Payroll Advance work? Payroll Advance runs on a specific cycle that is approximately 2.5 weeks for biweekly paid employees and 4.5 weeks for monthly paid employees. At the end of each cycle, purchases made are submitted to payroll and deducted from your next paycheck. 

Will my Payroll Advance account reset back to $0 at the end of each cycle? No. Payroll Advance accounts begin at $0 and as funds are spent, the balance will rise until it hits the limit of $75 or $150. At the end of each cycle the amount spent is submitted to payroll and any remaining funds can continue to be used.


For example, a biweekly employee spends $25 of their $75 during a given cycle. At the end of the cycle, $25 is submitted to payroll to be deducted from the employees next paycheck. In the meantime, the employee can continue to spend the remaining $50 that is available in their Payroll Advance account. 


The amount submitted to payroll ($25) will then be credited back to the employee's Payroll Advance account once the University receives confirmation that the $25 has successfully been taken out of their paycheck. 

When I can expect to see the funds credited back to my Payroll Advance account? 

Biweekly Paid Employees: 10/4/17, 10/18/17, 11/1/17, 11/15/17, 11/29/17, 12/13/17, 12/27/17, 1/10/2018

Monthly Paid Employees: 9/27/17, 10/27/17, 11/23/17, 12/28/17

My Payroll Advance balance says $35. What does this mean? All Payroll Advance account balances start at $0. As you make purchases, your balance will continue to rise until you hit the maximum amount of $75 or $150. Therefore, an account balance of $35 indicates that you have spent $35 of your $75/$150 limit. 

General FAQ: 

Do I have a CrimsonCard Account? All students, faculty and staff have a CrimsonCard account. To begin using your CrimsonCard account as payment simply make a deposit or sign up for the Payroll Advance (IU full-time employees only) and/or Payroll Prepaid (IU full or part-time employees only) option(s).

How do I make a deposit to my CrimsonCard? There are a variety of ways to make a deposit to your CrimsonCard. Visit the Deposit Options page to determine which one will work best for you!

Where can I use my CrimsonCard as payment? CrimsonCash can be used as payment on any IU campus. Visit Using Your Card to view a complete listing of locations that accept CrimsonCash statewide.

Where can I view my account balance and transaction history? From crimsoncard.iu.edu simply login to ‘Manage Your Account’ to view your account balance and check your transaction history.

What should I do if a merchant overcharges my account? If you believe there is a discrepancy with your transaction, you should address the discrepancy with the Merchant. If you are unable to resolve the potential error with the Merchant send an email to cardops@iu.edu and the CrimsonCard team will work with you and the Merchant to resolve the issue.

Will funds on my CrimsonCard rollover? Yes! Any unused funds in your CrimsonCard account will rollover semester to semester and year to year! However, do not let one entire year (365 days) pass without using your CrimsonCard or your account will be assessed a monthly $3 dormant account fee.

How do I close my CrimsonCard account and request a refund for my remaining balance? Send an email to crimacct@iu.edu from your University email address requesting the closure of your account and the refund of the remaining balance. A check refund, less a $15 service fee will be issued and mailed to the address on file in Student Information Services or HRMS.

What should I do if I lost my CrimsonCard or think it may have been stolen? Deactivate your CrimsonCard immediately if it is lost or stolen. Deactivation can be done at any time by visiting crimsoncard.iu.edu, clicking on 'About CrimsonCard' and then clicking on 'Lost or Stolen CrimsonCard'. If your CrimsonCard is found, you can simply reactivate it by following the same steps as above.

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